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17540 N. Avenue of the Arts
Surprise, AZ, 85378
United States


Calendar / Events

All events are at the church, unless otherwise indicated.

Please send your event information to the Webmaster for inclusion on the calendar. Items on the calendar are updated only one week in advance.

Sunday Services

Never Earned, Never Lost

If every person has inherent worth and dignity, two truths follow.  The first is that none of us earned our worth and dignity.  The second is that none of us can ever lose those given qualities.  That may be reason enough to hope. - Rev. Terry Sims



Prelude     Notturno – Edward Grieg
Gathering Hymn #188    Come, Come Whoever You Are
Welcome Visitors
Lighting the Chalice  
With its beauty and grace and strength, may this flaming chalice remind us of our highest
aspirations, our deepest commitments, and our most earnest intentions.
Lighting the Peace Candle
Story For All Ages
Singing the Children Out    Children’s Recessional – Joyce Poley
     As you go on your way, may you be filled with gladness, Go in joy, go in joy!
     May fortune bless your day with peace and loving kindness, Go in love, go in love
Joys . . . Concerns
Silence, Meditation and Prayer      
Affirmation    Love is the spirit of this church and service is its law.
        This is our great covenant: to dwell together in peace,
        to seek the truth in freedom, and to help one another.
Responsive Reading #437    Let Us Worship – Kenneth L. Patton
Offertory     Cuando el Pobre – Jose Antonio Olivar and Miguel Manzano
Readings    On Retaining Dignity – John Green, Rick Bragg, and Andy Warhol
Anthem    Draw the Circle Wide – Mark A. Miller and Gordon Light
Sermon    Never Earned, Never Lost – Rev. Terry Sims, Minister
Hymn     Draw the Circle Wide
Closing Words
Sending Hymn     Draw the Circle Wide

Today’s Hosts

Children’s RE Director    Lisa Lawrence
Hospitality    Tom Reemtsma, Marti Blaies, Maggie Lovill
Music Director    Debby Bullins
Musician(s)    Connie Jahrmarkt
Sanctuary Flowers    Remembering Ellen Marie Schulze on her birthday,
                                                                                        with love from her family
Sound    George Czeczyk, Paul Siniscal
Ushers    Marilyn Vosburg, Joan Carlson
Welcoming Center    Jack Driscoll, Sharon Forbes & Jim Dobbins


September 18
Choir Rehearsal
September 18
RE Meeting