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17540 N. Avenue of the Arts
Surprise, AZ, 85378
United States



Sunday Services

Services are held Sundays at 10:30 am.  Visitors are always welcome.  Coffee and snacks are served during the social hour following the service.  For Sunday service bulletins and other events please visit our calendar page.

upcoming service 

5/28 - Th e Power in Flowers - Throughout history flowers have represented the hope of a better world through their beauty and dogged staying power. They are also part of how we remember those that have died. Remember the song from the 1960’s, “Where Have All Th e Flowers Gone?” Today we’ll reflect on where the beauty and strength and hope represented by flowers have gone and where we still need to take their message. This service will include a flower communion.

5/21 - Accepting Responsibility - Rev. Terry Sims - One of the recognizable attributes of maturity is the willingness to accept responsibility for our actions and their consequences in our own lives. But I think we are called to more than that. It seems to me that the more we live as spiritual beings who recognize the interdependence of all life, the more responsibility we are willing to take for the whole world.   Order of service


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Chocolate, Manna and other Spiritual Foods - Amy St. Peter  ~ 07/12/15  - Audio is not available